Tent Cards

These multi-functional business cards allow you to leave behind more information than just your contact info, such as adding a map to your business location, or space to hand write a note just for them. You can also use it to “give and gather” as you leave behind your information, and ask them for theirs. This helps with networking and assists those who may not have their business card handy.

Sizes available:
Tent Business Card (4×3.5 Die-Score to 2×3.5″)
Tent Post Card (10×7 Die-Score to 5×7″)
Tent Post Card (11×8.5 Die-Score to 5.5×8.5″)
Tent Post Card (8×6 Die-Score to 4×6″)

100lb Gloss Cover (C2S)
14pt Gloss Coated Cover with UV (C2S)
14pt Premium Uncoated Cover

Printing options:
Color front, blank back
Color front and back